Exercises That Can Help Improve Your Concealed Carry Skills

April 18, 2016

Do exercises really improve the way a person handles a concealed carry? In what way?In this article, you will be able to read some opinions on how exercises influence one’s concealed carry skills.

Exercises that will improve one’s overall preparedness are grouped into two types:

  1. Aerobic exercises – These include the cardiovascular activities that you are able to sustain.

  1. Inaerobic exercises – Core muscle and isometric exercises are included here. They will help to improve your perception and balance.

To determine which type of exercise is best for you, you will need to consult your physician first. But nevertheless, the best ideas on the two types of exercises will be shown here.

The information listed here is based on the study made by Mr. Colion Noir. He collaborated with different exercise scientists to find out the effects of aerobic and inaerobic fitness exercises to a person’s shooting abilities.

Aerobic Exercises (Cardiovascular Activities)

Commit yourself to a few minutes of walking everyday. You can also enroll yourself on an advanced High Interval Training so that you can keep track of your exercises. Such activities will help keep your heart rate up. An increased heart rate will stimulate your body and hormones to help you be trained on adjusting to an emergency situation. Many concealed carriers have suffered from heart attacks after encountering a criminal.

You may also try other activities that will increase your heart rate, but make sure that you ask your doctor what elevated rate is safest for you. Maintain this rate for 15 to 45 minutes. This rate will vary depending on your age, current health level and other factors that only health professional will be able to assess, so do not take it for granted.

Aside from being able to increase your skills in responding to life-threatening situations, consistent cardiovascular activities will also help in improving your vision and situational awareness. Having a concealed carry gun with you is not enough, you should be physically fit as well to be able to defend yourself.

Inaerobic Exercises (Core And Isometric Exercises)

You don’t need to go to the gym just to have a good workout. What you need to be able to respond and shoot properly is to develop is your core muscle group. This pertains to the all the muscle layers underneath your “shown” muscle.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are some great exercises that can improve your flexibility balance and core strength – factors needed to help you cope up with pressure and stress. Such exercises include the following:

  1. Abdominal crunches
  2. Planking – This will help you in maintaining a steady control.
  3. Leg Presses
  4. Bridges

Any exercise that serves to increase the strength of your abdomen, hips and legs is useful.

Upper Body Exercises

Although most concealed carry weapons are not heavy and weigh less than a kilogram, maintaining it for a longer time will make your body and arms shake while you are trying to keep it in line with your target.

Some upper body exercises that can help improve your aiming include:

  1. Chin-ups/Pull-ups – If it is difficult for you to do Pull-ups, you can just try the Pull-up “hang”.
  2. Pushups
  3. Front Barbell Exercises
  4. Side Barbell Exercises

When you are doing your workout with weights, choose lower weights first. Make 12 to 15 sets with that weight and if you don’t have any troubles with it, proceed to a heavier weight and do the same number of sets.

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