Emergency First Aid for Gunshot Wounds

September 22, 2015

Emergency First Aid for Gunshot Wounds

It seems almost every day in the news someone has been injured by a gunshot wound. Sometimes the shooting is accidental and sometimes premeditated. There are attacks on children in schools, there are armed robberies, there are break-ins, and there are drive by shootings and even terrorist attacks. No matter where you are in the world from home, to a bus stop, airports and even in schools or churches there is the chance that you could be injured or witness someone being injured by gunshot wounds.

When someone is shot emergency first aid can mean the difference between life and death. Here are the basics everyone should know in the event of a gunshot wound emergency.

1. Get to safety. The first thing you must assess in the event of a gunshot wound is if it is safe to attend to the victim. Only attend to the victim when you will be safe or move the victim to a safe protected location.

2. Call for help. A gunshot wound requires immediate medical attention, call for help immediately as soon as the situation is safe.

3. Stop or control blood loss. One of the biggest risks with a gunshot wound is losing blood, apply pressure to a wound to stop bleeding or excessive blood loss until help arrives.

4. Do not move the victim unless safety requires you to as you cannot determine the extent of internal injuries and moving the victim can make the injury worse.

5. Avoid infection. If you are outside of civilization and cannot call for help then you need to also focus on preventing infection by protecting the wound.

6. Perform CPR if necessary. If the victim has stopped breathing or gone into cardiac arrest then CPR will be required to hopefully sustain the victim until help arrives.

Hopefully, you will never have to deal with gunshot wounds but if you do these six tips could mean the difference between life and death.

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