Defensive Handgun: Texas Style

October 26, 2015

Defensive Handgun: Texas Style


A 911 recording of a homeowner who had shot a burglar was released last week after a criminal broke into a home in Lubbock, Texas. After placing the call, the homeowner told police that he was in pursuit of the suspect (although shots were fired, it appears that the suspect was not hit.)

Police arrived on scene to find that the victim had the suspect detained further down the street. Once police arrived, the suspect was able to get free and was later tackled by another citizen while the police were in pursuit. The suspect was arrested and booked into the Lubbock County Detention Facility that same night.

While the brave actions of the homeowner and citizen led to the arrest of the criminal, National Carry Academy always recommends that you do not pursue suspects of a crime if your life is not in immediate danger. Doing so unnecessarily puts your life at risk and increases the chances of collateral damage to innocent bystanders. If that happened and you were the cause of that damage, you could easily be charged as well.

If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend that you take the necessary steps to defend yourself and your family but to get to a safe location until the police arrive and let them handle the investigation. While this story turned out just fine, it very easily could have resulted in the victim or citizen being injured. Additionally, you do not know if a criminal is operating alone. He or she could very well have been fleeing to a location where he had additional backup waiting.

You can check out the full story here.

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