Defensive Handgun: Pizza Delivery Driver Attacked

October 27, 2015

Defensive Handgun: Pizza Delivery Driver Attacked


While we all hate it when the pizza delivery guy is late, but customers in Jacksonville this past weekend did not have any excuse to be disgruntled.

Late Saturday evening, a Domino’s deliver driver was approached by two armed criminals demanding money when he was out simply doing his job. In the process, the victim was able to draw his own firearm and shoot one of the suspects.

At this time, we know that the one suspect that was shot is in serious condition at a local hospital while there is no mention of the second criminal being shot or arrested. If the suspect that was shot passes away, the second suspect could not only be charged with assault and armed robbery, but he could face murder charges as well for the death of his partner in crime.

The Jacksonville PD is currently labeling this a justified homicide and no charges are expected to be brought against the driver.

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