Defensive Handgun: Mother Protects son, faces eviction

November 5, 2015

Defensive Handgun: Mother Protects son, faces eviction


A mother, simply doing her job and protecting her son, is facing an eviction notice for firing her gun in a defensive manner.

The mother says that a group of roughly a dozen gang members, who her 15-year old son used to be friends with but no longer associates with, came to her house looking for him.

When she went outside to ask why they were there and about any issues that they had with her son. Shortly after they both came to the door, shots were fired at them.

The mother, also armed, returned fire and the gang members fled. The shooter, Justin Love who is 17 years old, was later arrest.

Her son, who was discharged from the hospital with a non-life threatening injury, returned home with his mother to find an eviction notice on their house.

The mother and her son are hoping that the property management changes their mind, but are not holding their breath.

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