Defensive Handgun: Georgia Man Shoots And Kills Armed Criminal

November 12, 2015

Defensive Handgun: Georgia Man Shoots And Kills Armed Criminal


A Georgia man from Macon, a medium sized city about 100 miles southeast of Atlanta, was able to shoot and stop and armed robbery.

Bibb County deputies are saying that a man who was shot and killed late on Sunday this past weekend was actually attempting to rob three men. The criminal, Migel Diadell who was 20 years old, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds and pronounced dead at the hospital.

According to a press release, two individuals were approached by the criminal and forced into a vehicle. They drove to an ATM in an attempt to get the victims to withdraw cash. When that didn’t work, the criminal forced the two individuals to call their boss. Their boss, 34 year old Brian Kinckle, showed up and after being shot at returned fire hitting the criminal three times.

No charges have been filed and the case is still being investigated. Authorities who were looking for a second suspect made an arrest after he turned himself in on Tuesday morning.

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