Defensive Handgun: 73 Year Old Shoots Burglar

October 21, 2015

Defensive Handgun: 73 Year Old Shoots Burglar


Two days ago, a 73 year old San Francisco resident shot a burglary suspect in the knee after hearing him in his home.

At 11:45 pm local time on Sunday, the victim was in his residence when he heard the intruder in his house. After grabbing his handgun, he excited the bedroom and headed downstairs to see who was in his house.

The victim shot the suspect in his knee and escorted him outside his house. The police were called and suspect was arrested about a block away from the victim’s residence.

At this time this incident is being treated as self defense and no charges are expected against the homeowner. The suspect sustained non-life threatening injuries and has been released to the police to be booked into jail.

This incident occurred in one of the most anti-gun metropolitan area’s in the nation. Once again, an elderly citizen was the target of a home invasion and ensured his own safety by defending himself before police could arrive.

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