Defensive Carry: Would-be Victim Shot, Wounded 1 Attacker

October 30, 2015

Defensive Carry: Would-be Victim Shot, Wounded 1 Attacker


This past Sunday a man was returning home. At 1:53 am, 911 calls started coming into the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The man, Tyrell Ownes, noticed that someone was inside his house.

One of the calls caught Owens saying “Give it up” followed by the criminals voice shouting “Oh, [expletive], he has a gun, too.”

The criminal, later identified as Wilmar Jolteus, was shot and ran away to a vehicle, later showing up at an area emergency room. Jolteus, a career criminal and convicted felon with over 11 arrests in South Florida alone, was treated and released to the authorities.

The arrest report stated “The unknown suspect fired shots at Owens and Owens returned fire in self-defense.” Jolteus is charged with first-degree attempted murder with a firearm and attempted robbery with a weapon.

Another win for gun rights, another violent felon off the streets.

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