Defensive Carry: Connecticut Robbery Foiled By Permit Holder

October 12, 2015

Defensive Carry: Connecticut Robbery Foiled By Permit Holder


If you are not familiar with Connecticut gun laws, then you might not be surprised that a permit holder successfully defended himself and others during an armed robbery this weekend. If you are, then you might be surprised that someone in Connecticut was actually able to get a permit in the first place.

Connecticut, known for their repeated assaults on law abiding gun owners, is in the spot light after a permit holder successfully employed his defensive carry weapon when an armed intruder attempted to rob a cafe this past Saturday.

At the time, police were responding to reports of gunfire at Cafe Azzurri where the criminal was pronounced dead at the scene. Witnesses are reporting that the criminal entered the cafe with a firearm and attempted to steal from the business and the customers.

Fortunately, there was a law abiding citizen and permit holder there who was able to intervene and ensure that no innocent people were injured. Currently the patron (who’s name is being withheld) is cooperating fully with law enforcement officials and is not expected to be charged with any wrongdoing.

You can read the full story here.

Another good guy with a gun stopping a criminal. Share this article with your friends because these events rarely see national media coverage and it is important for everyone to know that firearms, utilized properly by law abiding citizens, do save lives.

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