Common Core: What Your Children Are Learning About Guns

October 21, 2015

Common Core: What Your Children Are Learning About Guns

The debate over the common core curriculum is not new, but there is a study guide that has brought the gun control debate and common core debate together. reported that an educator guide labeled “The battle Over Gun Control” is currently being used in classrooms across the nation.

This educator study guide is being labeled as politically driven and one sided regarding the debate over gun control. The guide states:

Gun control is among the most divisive issues in American politics today. For many, it boils down to a basic debate over priorities: the constitutional right to bear arms and protect oneself vs an effort to reduce violence.

From that statement alone, subliminally, it is outright stating that law abiding citizens and gun owners in this country are “anti-violence reduction” and are holding onto their guns strictly because it is a constitutional right. The guide further goes on to state:

American’s own more guns than any other country in the world, but the country is also plagued with the highest rate of gun violence among wealthy nations… Additionally, the United States has some of the loosest gun laws in the world, thanks in part to the powerful political influence of the National Rifle Association.

Now we can assume that the originator’s of this study guide have a strict stance against firearms because of the way that the language is used. That previous statement above all but singles out gun owners and law abiding citizens that choose to defend themselves with a tool that criminals have no problem using are simply “puppets” of a politically charged organization hell bent on destroying “common sense” measures to reduce gun violence in this country.

Individuals who oppose this guide are obviously infuriated with a presumed opposition view to firearms and that when worded this way will sway you minds that can be influenced far more easily.

The full guide can be read here and make your own determination.

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