Carrying Each Day Keeps The Doctor Away

September 22, 2015

Carrying Each Day Keeps The Doctor Away


Cheesy I know… But it does bring to light a vital aspect of carrying a firearm – actually carrying it. If you are already reading this, I can skip past telling you why carrying is a good idea. Rather, lets talk about why carrying everyday is just as vital.

Expounding on my previous post of Why I Carry?, I would like to talk about why it is equally important to take that one step further and ensure that you are carrying on a daily basis.

Obviously, this goes without saying – safety concerns are the reason that I carry in every nook and cranny of America where and when I can. Hopefully this isn’t news to you, but bad things do happen to good people. I have seen it, you have seen it, we have all seen it.

Lets use the seat belt analogy. This simple device is credited with saving roughly 15,000 lives a year. Not a bad stat at all. Since becoming mandatory in 1968, that equates to roughly 855,000 lives in the United States alone. The Federal Government’s mandate derived from safety concerns and issues that started surfacing due to increased traffic volume and higher rates of travel.

We have all forgotten to fasten our seat belts once or twice (if you have a Toyota you are certainly all too familiar with the reminder.) I get it, it happens, but a majority of the time we all buckle up to save ourselves from serious injury. Whether I am going two miles or two hundred miles, I use my safety belt to minimize external risk to myself. Why you ask? Simply put, bad things happen to good people all the time.

Same thing goes for carrying a weapon. It is all to easy to forgo grabbing your firearm to run and grab some snacks from the gas station, or even for running out for your mail at the end of the block. We justify it by saying things like “Well I will only be gone for five minutes, what’s the worst that can happen?” or “I am in a nice area, no crime happens here.” I can truthfully tell you that I have fallen into this routine all to often in my past.

I most easily compare this to the first cigarette I ever smoked. “It’s just one cigarette, what is the worst that can happen?” Although I didn’t get lung cancer, I did find out just how unhealthy and expensive it can be. That four mile run turned into three, than two, eventually landing me wheezing after just one. Needless the say, that one cigarette turned into once a day, than one pack a day. It all started from one moment of weakness. Good habits are hard to make. Bad habits are hard to break.

One day you disregard bringing your firearm to the gas station with you, the next you might not take it to the movies. After that you might not grab it before work. Soon you find that you are not taking it at all, effectively neutralizing the reason you got it in the first place.

WPK+G Check

Don’t fret, I have an easy and simple solution… Make it part of your daily routine. The old wallet, phone, keys check. If you have never done this personally, assuredly you have seen that poor sole at the store run through the frantic process. I do it every time I leave the house, gym or work. I have misplaced enough of all three items to make this a routine check that I do constantly. Why not add your firearm into the mix. Wallet, phone, keys, gun. Simple enough, isn’t it?

Without sounds to doomsday-y, we live in a society where regular, law abiding citizens find themselves in less than ideal circumstances. Stay safe, stay smart, stay informed.

We would love to hear from you. Please post below about any time that you have been somewhere and been glad you had your firearm with.

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