Carrying Around The House

October 30, 2015

Carrying Around The House


We all know that carrying everyday is the most efficient way to ensure your family and your own safety. When you find yourself in a life threatening situation, your own defensive firearm provides a much higher level of survivability than waiting ten minutes for the police.

But what about carrying around the house? A homeowner in Colorado has learned the importance of carrying in his own house. This past week, the homeowner stepped out to his garage around 1:30 am to have a cigarette. Once in his garage, he noticed that he was not alone.

Paul Wilson, 33, was in the process of burglarizing the home when he was surprised to see the homeowner, with his defensive firearm, enter the garage. The homeowner held the man at gunpoint until the police could arrive. According to the homeowner, the garage had been open for less than fifteen minutes before the criminal entered.

This is a prime example of how even in your own home, you should always be able to access your firearm quickly. Just like “gun free zones” don’t prevent criminals from bringing a firearm, your property line does not automatically guarantee your safety.

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