Carry Permit Instructor’s Son Follows His Mothers Advice

September 23, 2015

Carry Permit Instructor’s Son Follows His Mothers Advice


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By:Jay Busch

Another case of what appears to be justified lethal force is coming out of Detroit.

While the investigation is still unfolding, initial reports are clearing the son of a NRA certified pistol instructor claiming justifiable self defense.

Joe Lanier, the son of Angela Lanier who is a Detroit area firearms instructor, was approached by a seventeen year old male Wednesday afternoon as he was in his car, working for a extermination company. The attempted robbery was foiled when Joe Lanier drew and discharged his firearm.

Earlier this year, I highlighted how outrageous the police response time in Detroit was. While the city has taken great strides at reducing what used to be a 58 minute wait time, they are still over six minutes above the national average of eleven minutes.

More and more residents are taking their self defense and well being into their own hands in the absence of a reliable police force. It is always important to remember, especially working in a job that takes you offsite to other locations, that bad things can happen anywhere.

You can read the original article here.

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