Campus Carry: Making Waves

September 23, 2015

Campus Carry: Making Waves


Students Demand Common Sense Gun Regulations

By: Jay Busch

Coming on the heels of wins for students carrying firearms on campus, one graduate student from Florida State University is taking it one step further by suing her school President, John Thrasher, the school itself, and FSU Police Chief David Perry this weekend.

Rebekah Hargrove filed the suit with the assistance of Florida Carry – an advocacy group in Florida – and is seeking an emergency injunction against the parties above.

In 2013, Florida Carry assisted in forcing the University of Northern Florida to comply with state laws allowing firearms to be in vehicles while on campus.

Ideally, this would be the first step in pushing for broader regulations allowing students the right to self defense in area’s targeted by criminals because of the soft target they represent. Regardless, it is great to see today’s students getting active and pushing for regulations.

If you would like to get involved, head over to the NRA’s site to sign the petition.

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