Breaking News: DC “May Issue” Mandate is Unconstitutional

September 22, 2015

Breaking News: DC “May Issue” Mandate is Unconstitutional

After decades of living under extremely draconian firearms laws, lawful residents of the DC area are one step closer to exercising their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Yesterday (ok you caught me, not as “breaking” as we are used to) a federal judge ordered the district to freeze a subsection of the new statue permitting residents to own and carry handguns.

DC has historically been one of the most strict portions of America when it comes to firearm rights. Whether you want to chalk that up by the district being overshadowed by the cumbersome federal government or the fact that most policy makers that live in the area can afford personal protection, in the end we are one step closer to our nations capital actually following the laws of this great country.

Mid last year, DC opened up their conceal and carry program. While under direction from a federal judge to do so, the district circumvented that stipulation by enacting a “May Issue” statue that required applicants to provide a “good/proper reason” for them to obtain their permit. Yesterday, law abiding citizens came out on top when the Judge declared that stipulation was unconstitutional.

What This Means For You

This section is two fold. First all DC residents can now apply for and carry your firearm unburdened by the necessity to prove “a good or proper” reason (apparently the natural human right of self protection and preservation is not good enough for the DC Police Department.) Pending no further appeal from the district, this change is effective immediately and will allow all law abiding citizens to apply for and receive their permit.

Second, and more importantly, is that this sets a very important precedent that I hope will spill over into other “may issue” states, most notably California, New York, and a plethora of other New England territories. This ruling comes from the back yard of the federal government and case after case are upholding the constitution.

While the appeals process has not been played out (and we can certainly expect it to happen) this is a small but important victory to maintain constitutional protected rights of all Americans.

Stay safe, stay smart, stay informed.

Jay Busch

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