BREAKING: Campus Carry Approved in Texas

September 22, 2015

BREAKING: Campus Carry Approved in Texas


As Texas continues to dry itself out from what has become the wettest May on record, new processes are being enacted to allow students and licensed citizens to carry concealed weapons on all public colleges in Texas.

Joining Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin, Texas becomes the seventh state to explicitly allow firearms to be carries on college campuses. This shift from “gun free” zones on all school grounds comes at a time as we are seeing college campuses riddled with assault, sexual assault, rape and violence.

While some welcome the change, many organizations are pushing back on wave of change in the name of public safety. Many activists are worried about increased violence and accidental shootings with the passage of these bills.

On the other hand, many guns rights activists are heralding this shift as a welcome relief to the increasing level of violence seen on college campuses. Please note also that Texas has given all schools the independant right to establish “gun free” zones on the campus, but college presidents will be unable to ban firearms across the entire campus. Let’s see if the presidents start abusing this ability (i.e. leave one building or parking lot available to responsibly armed citizens and banning the rest of the campus.)

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