Arizona Is Protecting Carry Permit Holder’s Rights

September 23, 2015

Arizona Is Protecting Carry Permit Holder’s Rights


Last month, law abiding citizens and Americans in general got a huge win when the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that police must have “reasonable suspicion that criminal activity is afoot” before questioning and/or frisking someone regarding a firearm.

While I am a staunch supporter of law enforcement, I am also a Constitutionalist at heart. This win further upholds the American population’s fourth amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures.

In early August, the AZ Supreme Court reached the unanimous decision affirming an individual’s right to carry a firearm without interference. The justices rejected the prosecutor’s argument that a simple belief that someone is armed is enough to warrant a interaction up to and including a frisk or pat-down without any evidence of criminal activity.

Justice Rebecca Berch went on to say:

“When officers consensually engage citizens on the street without having any evidence of wrongdoing, the mere presence of a weapon does not afford officers constitutional permission to search weapons-carrying individuals,’’ she said. “To conclude otherwise would potentially subject countless law-abiding persons solely for exercising their right to carry a firearm.’’

As more and more American’s recognize the need to defend themselves from violence and carry permits in the United States reach an all time high, we can expect to see more and more wins for law abiding citizens.

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