A Win For Gun Owners In Washington DC

September 23, 2015

A Win For Gun Owners In Washington DC


If you live in the Washington DC area, you have lots to complain about. Rising crime, skyrocketing cost of living, and zero voting representation at the Federal level.

Well as of Friday, you do have one thing going for you. For the third time in just over a year, a court has ruled that Washington DC’s firearm regulations and newly implemented carry permit regulations violate the constitution.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit handed down a damning ruling that struck down four stipulations that had been attached to firearm ownership within the District.

These stipulations are partially responsible for the fact that just about fifty permits have been issued since January 1st of this year. The four requirements that were cut are:

1. Limiting Handgun purchases to one per month.

2. Re-registration every three years.

3. Physically bringing the gun in for registration.

4. Passing a test on the city’s gun laws.

While this ruling didn’t provide a final answer on an early court ruling this year regarding the necessity for a citizen to provide “good reason” to obtain a permit (how about that aforementioned skyrocketing crime rate?) it is viewed as an important step in the right direction.

This ruling on “good reason” is upheld while the verdict is in appeals. Stay tuned to National Carry Academy for all the latest news on Washington DC.

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