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Top 10 CCW Firearms for Ambidexterous Shooters

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voip phd thesis Skin writing essays for scholarships dissertation report on finance How can a gun be ambidextrous? Magazine ejection–Can the magazine be ejected by the left or right hand? Safety–Can the safety be easily accessed from the left or right side? In most cases, those are the two things that determine… Read More »


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Professional Due to a huge number of assignments, students are not always able to complete all of them properly. If you do not The movies make carrying a gun on your ankle look “cool.That makes gun enthusiasts want to try it. However, there is more to it than just looking cool. It is actually not advisable for most people.


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A North Carolina resident was able to protect himself and his home from two robbers after successfully using his self-defense handgun. One of the robbers was discovered seriously injured inside a vehicle, and the other one escaped from the scene… Read More »