February 28, 2018

You’ve heard them before in a training class or on the range but…many aspects of concealed carry are just common sense.

  1. If you plan to carry, make sure you carry legally-get a license.
  2. If you plan to carry, you need to know the rules of engagement.
  3. If you plan to carry, you need to receive training in how to properly operate your gun.
  4. If you carry, you need to practice regularly with the gun your carry.
  5. If you carry, you must be absolutely certain that you can use deadly force if the situation requires it.
  6. If you carry, don’t use your gun recklessly. Avoid bad situations.
  7. If you carry, it is your responsibility to become familiar with the firearm laws in your area.
  8. Personalize your choice of firearm to suit your body type and range experience.
  9. Choose a quality holster designed specifically for your carry gun.
  10. Select the proper carry clothing that will conceal your gun.
  11. Check what you look like from the front AND behind in the mirror to make sure there is no gun-bulge before carrying concealed in public.
  12. Whether you carry a pocket pistol or .44 Magnum, you need to know the best ways to carry it discreetly for security and social sensitivity.
  13. Don’t decide on a carry method until you’ve experimented with several and discovered firsthand what works for you.
  14. Wherever you carry your gun concealed, practice getting to it, drawing it, taking the safety off, etc.
  15. If you carry your pistol on your hip or in an appendix position, make sure you know how to draw it quickly form a seated position.
  16. Always treat your gun as though it is loaded.
  17. Know where your weapon is at all times.
  18. When not in use, guns and ammo should be stored separately in a secure location.
  19. Train your family how to avoid injury and death when interacting with a handgun. Drill gun safety.
  20. Regularly maintain and clean your weapon and gear.
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