Number of Women Getting Guns Up 24% Since Parkland Florida Shooting

April 23, 2018

Statistics, Facts and Figures for the Media, Released on April 18, 2018

Talking points based on research from the National Carry Academy:

The number of women taking concealed carry courses through the NCA is up 24% since the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida on February 14. It was the biggest 60-day jump ever for the NCA since July/August of 2016.

*Historically, men have received 66% of all concealed carry permits issued through the NCA. Since the Parkland shooting, half of all enrollees to the course are women.

*Overall, the number of permits issued for all Americans to carry a concealed weapon through the National Carry Academy has jumped about 120% since the latest mass shooting in Florida.

Quotes/Insights from National Carry Academy Co-Founder Nick Dahlberg

“There always seems to be an uptick in the number of women getting their concealed carry permits when active shooting incidents or gun control is being discussed. These events sometimes shake people’s world views in terms of thinking they will be safe, or that others will protect them.”

“In general, women’s pass rates for our courses are on par with men at 99%. Generally, women are a little better students than men, because sometimes, men’s egos get in the way when you talk about firearms, and they don’t pay as close attention to the instruction.”

“As far as firearms ago, generally, men and women purchase the same type of firearms. Initially, women may lean more towards smaller guns than men, but after discussing their priorities and understanding their options, women understand that a moderately-sized carry gun that they assumed would be too big is actually a good option.

“Often, we educate women on various methods for carrying a gun, and the wide range of equipment available to make carrying as convenient, and safe as possible.”

Additionally: The NCA speculates women are enrolling at a higher rate for many additional reasons: Women now realize it’s finally time to arm themselves; their husbands urge them to carry a weapon; and many more women are simply scared of being attacked these days.

Background Information

These insights were taken from data on U.S. residents who passed concealed carry training courses through the National Carry Academy, which has certified more than 100,000 Americans since 2012 – more than any other organization.

Due to varying state regulations, getting a concealed carry training certification online is only available in 27 states. Some states don’t recognize the ability to get certified to carry a concealed gun online.