National Mentoring Month

May 20, 2019

Mentoring can have a positive effect on many activities. On the job, it can build team spirit, hone skills, orient a new employee to the company’s culture, and help both employer and struggling employee face hurdles of the business world.

Organizations like Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Foster Parents, and Institute for the Blind depend on mentorships to help some of the country’s most vulnerable individuals dea; with challenges of their situation.

Senior citizens mentorship young people help build a sense of community. These mentorships are equally beneficial to seniors and the mentees they assist.

January has been designated as National Mentoring Month. The purpose of designating a specific month is merely to focus advertising on the value of mentoring in business, community, and recreational activities.

National Mentoring Month focuses on how individuals, businesses, government agencies, schools, churches and nonprofits can work together to increase mentoring activity and its positive outcomes for our young people. 

The NRA is well aware of the effect that accomplished concealed carry weapons holders can have on young lives. In fact, there’s no one who knows and understands mentor-ship like those who are part of the shooting sports and hunting communities. 

Think about it: How did you learn to shoot? Who helped you pick out your first handgun? Who was with you when you looked at the stunning array of holsters and gun belts for your first concealed carry weapon? Chances are, if you started to shoot recreational at a young age your father or a grandparent, an aunt or uncle mentored you. He/she passed down a love and passion for firearms, for competitive marksmanship or for the hunting life.