More Rookie Mistakes New Concealed Carriers Commit

June 7, 2019

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In a previous blog, I talked about seven rookie mistakes new handgun owners often commit. Here are three more.

Rookie Mistake #8: Printing Your Weapon

Printing occurs when the concealed carrier frequently pats his/her weapon to make sure the weapon is in place and properly concealed. The problem is: This makes it obvious you are carrying. The whole point of concealed carry is that it be concealed. Whether it is conscious or unconscious exposure of your handgun tends to scare or at least make those around you uncomfortable.

Rookie Mistake #9: Checking Your Weapon

What often occurs when you first start concealed carrying a weapon is that you become fixated on it. If you are new to carrying anything, there is tendency to keep checking to make sure you haven’t lost it.

This is a bad habit  because it draws attention to you and your weapon. Such behavior can rattle a crowd and cause panic.

Get yourself a good quality holster that  fits your gun and your body shape. Then wear that holster until it becomes as familiar and comfortable as underwear. After you’ve accustomed yourself to the holster by wearing it around the house, put the gun in it and practice that way. The next step is to go about your usual activities concealed carrying your weapon wherever it is allowed.

You will know you’ve arrived at the right level of comfort when you don’t feel fully dressed without it!

Rookie Mistake #10: Adjusting in Public

There’s probably not a big distinction between printing and checking you’re your weapon and this rookie mistake but it bears special mention. We’ve all seen it with new gun owners. They draw attention to themselves by unconsciously or consciously readjusting their holster. This happens because the holster is new and/or uncomfortable. Or it shifts. It should not do this if it’s a good fit and you practice with it. If you must adjust it, do not do so in public. Getting your holster back into a comfortable spot can be time consuming. Choose the right holster and the right style of clothing. 

How do people know you are adjusting? Tugging at your shirt or the waistband of your skirt or pants is a dead giveaway. Do this in a private spot like your car or the stall of a  washroom.

If this need to readjust is frequent, talk to your accessories provider about a better fitting holster or wear it around home until it feels comfortable.

Rookie Mistake #10: Ignorance of Local Laws

In spite of new legislation called The Concealed Carry Reciprocity  law which, if passed, will require every state to recognize the concealed carry permit of other states, there are still differences. Not knowing the requirements regarding concealed carry when you enter a state is no excuse. States—and indeed municipalities within states—have specific laws and rules regarding where and when and who can conceal carry a weapon.

The Reciprocity legislation will not change these differences. Before you enter a state or a municipality you need to know what their laws say about concealed carry. Being from another state or region or a new concealed carry permit owner is no excuse. 

Failure to  follow local or state laws could result in fines, loss of your weapon or even criminal charges. Know the local and state laws and follow them. Part of being a responsible gun owner, is know where you can legally conceal carry a weapon and also what local laws say about drawing your firearm.