Lessons Learned from Concealed Carry

May 17, 2019


During the course of my first year of concealed carry I learned some valuable lessons that changed my life and the way I see the world.


The first of these is responsibility. Many people now making the decision to conceal carry are young women between eighteen and twenty-nine. This is a time when a lot of adjustments are being made and some serious life-changing decision Those who are already dealing with a lot of changes in their lives realize that carrying a lethal weapon comes with huge potential for life-and-death decisions. When you concealed carry you are the only one who controls its use. You are responsible for actions  which cannot be changed. Consequently, carrying a gun means you are ready to use it against a potential threat.

Simply put, carrying a gun is a matter of life or death. The decision to arm yourself every day may well be the first “adult” decision you have made.



When you decide to concealed carry, you take a step toward being more self-reliant. You are, in essence, taking control of your own safety. This is a huge self-growth step. By choosing to concealed carry you are fully accepting responsibility for yourself.

Personal Awareness

When you concealed carry you are a lot more aware of yourself in space. Your concealed carry weapon should not be noticeable. So you are hyper-aware of that. Carrying a weapon around others places a special kind of vigilance on you.

Situational Awareness

When you concealed carry you develop a sense of who and  what are around you. You will find yourself constantly scanning the environment and people around you. If you suspect someone is carrying, you will learn not approach that person to talk about your weapons. Also, you will learn not to approach law enforcement officers with the aim of letting them know you are carrying.

You will learn to mind your business and let law enforcement do so too.

Understanding and Playing by the Rules

In order to be an informed concealed carrier, you need to have a thorough knowledge of state and local carry rules. You also need to know what the latest Concealed Carry Reciprocity legislation says and how it affects your right to concealed carry. Informed carriers know where, when, and how they can legally carry a weapon.

The Importance of Excelling

When you own a handgun, it’s important that you can use it competently. Concealed carry stresses practice and precision in marksmanship.



A place for everything and everything in its place. Safe storage of your firearm and proper maintenance of your weapon are vital. Having cleaning supplies ready and at hand makes frequent clean of your handgun easy and effective.


  1. Owning and carrying a weapon is not like in the movies. Concealed carry actually makes you less likely to become involved in a “gun fight”. It’s not a John Wayne hero scenario. Knowing you are carrying makes you consider very carefully wading into a fight.
  2. The reality is: Wielding that gun might get you arrested or even charged with a crime is something you  need to consider carefully.
  3. Here are some other realities: Your weapon is not nearly as obvious as you think it is. It’s quite possible to carry a gun inside a tight tuxedo jacket or attached to a garter holster under a voluminous gown.
  4. Accessories are Crucial
  5. Your best friends in successful concealed carry are a good quality holster that fits your handgun like a glove and an effective cover garment.
  6. People are not Staring
  7. In fact, the average citizen hasn’t a clue you are carrying. As long as you don’t print, use a good cover garment and practice with that handgun and holster at home until concealed carry becomes second nature, your secret is safe. Your CCW should be undetectable.