Home Defense Methods You Should Be Using

May 23, 2018

Unfortunately, we live in a society where the possible threat of home theft and burglary is becoming increasingly more likely than ever before! It’s essential that you learn proper safety precautions and techniques to protect your family and home in the event of a burglary before it happens! In this article I’m going to detail a few simple strategies and procedures you can begin implementing into your home defense protocol so that you and your family can sleep easy knowing that your home is secure!

Home Defense Methods for Protection against Home Invaders:

1. Secure your homes access points
You want to begin you line of protection against potential criminals with securing all visible and hidden access points to you home. An easy starting point is your front and back door, ensure your doors are solid wood or solid steel preferably. The density of the material adds an extra layer of defense to your home as burglars and potential thieves will if not stopped be surely slowed down by heavier door components thus providing more time for you to take action against the crooks!

2. Get an alarm system

Even if you leave you firearm in a fairly accessible area while sleep, it’s still a good idea to invest in a alarm system. You can purchase them from almost any electronics store and set up cameras around your house from then which you can view all activity taking place on your property 24/7! Most newer home security systems come with the option to view your security cameras on your PC or smartphone!

3. While asleep leave your firearm nearby or in a easily accessible place

Just to be safe, you can never go wrong with sleeping next to your rifle or with your handgun next to your bed for protection! The only reason this is not a suggested method is because we all sleep differently and while one person may be able to hear an intruder entering their home while they are sleep another may not, this leaves a vulnerable spot for thieves to enter your home while you’re sleeping and steal your weapon to cause harm to you and your family! This is a scenario you strictly want to avoid! Sleeping with a firearm nearby is definitely an adequate protection measure however if you choose this method of home defense be sure you are able to react in any given situation, I advise adding cameras on top of sleeping with your firearm for double the protection!

4. Buy a safe for your belongings

One of best methods to protect your home against burglary or home theft is to buy a durable vault to store your personal items in. Sometimes thieves catch us when we least expect it most commonly at night or while your away from your home. To ensure that your valuable possessions and important items are protected against robbery in your home, buy a safe! Safes come in many different material builds and lock settings that can truly enhance your home defense system. Among the other item suggestions on the list, unexpected things can always happen. Preparing for a situation such as a home invasion or robbery significantly decreases the chance of fatal injuries or damages occurring to you and your loved ones! All of the suggestions on the list are guaranteed to have you prepared in the event of any theft! Though keep in mind certain factors and variables such as location and law dictate what is and is not prohibited. Make it a priority to keep an eye on your surroundings at all times, the possibility of danger could strike at any moment! I hope you enjoyed this article and found some useful information & tips throughout! As always be safe, responsible and remember to always carry!