Home Alone Mom Defends Home With .44 Magnum

May 23, 2016


Waynesboro, GeorgiaAn armed home alone mom manages to thwart an armed intruder. This news appears a win for pro-concealed carriers’ community. The 44-year old mom uses .44 caliber revolver to defend herself and her property when the suspect tried to come in through the storm door. Pro-gun in general welcome this a good thing.

News like this rarely made it to headlines. A tale of a heroic mom got easily drowned in the media by a sea of bad news stories. There’s so much that’s going wrong with the world. In this news, however, plus one for responsible carry.

The original article was published by True Citizen. This news is just a grain of sand in a desert of bad news. But for pro-gun in America, this is what we have been advocating ever since. Responsible citizen deserves the right to defend themselves even against a non-violent intruder. It’s the homeowner’s prerogative to defend themselves, their loved ones and their property against any trespassers.