November 3, 2017

One of the arguments most of us hear from those that are against permits to carry a concealed weapon is that no one that has a CCW permit has ever stopped a crime or rescued anyone. As in many of the arguments they make, that is simply not true.

There have been many instances of concealed carriers that have stopped store robberies in progress, stopped a car theft, saved someone from being attacked etc. These instances don’t occur in just one place but have been reported in areas all around the country. Here are just of few of the real live stories of concealed carriers that stepped in to thwart a robbery or save someone.

Kansas Man Stops Car Burglary

A news story in the The Kansan, in Newton, Kansas reported that a Newton man, seeing a man break into a parked car one afternoon, drew his legally concealed pistol, stopped the crime, called police and held the criminal at gunpoint until the authorities arrived. The concealed carrier complied with police commands regarding his firearm when they arrived, was not charged, and the burglar was arrested.

Nevada Armed Citizen Stops Daylight 7-Eleven Robbery

An article in the The Las Vegas Review-Journal  reported that when a North Las Vegas, NV  7-Eleven was being robbed about 3:30 a.m., a legally armed citizen in the store took action. Seeing the store clerk being held at gunpoint, the citizen drew his pistol and fired on the robber, putting him to flight. The robber collapsed and died a short distance from the store. Police noted there was an ongoing robbery and the citizen felt the need to take action.

Tennessee Citizen Shoots Teen Who Was Attacking His Neighbor

The Canon Courier ran story reported that a Woodbury, TN resident noticed a young man acting erratically in his yard. When the resident went to question the youngster, the younger man became aggressive and attacked the resident with a knife. Fortunately, an armed neighbor was nearby, saw the attack and responded, shooting the attacker and ending the incident. The attacker turned out to be a 17-year-old junior at a local high school. Investigating police say the shooter acted lawfully.

You may never have needed a firearm to protect yourself or been in a situation where you could have helped  save someone near you from a robbery or an attack, but that does not mean that it could not happen. The world is a dangerous place and the police may not always be able to arrive in time to stop a crime from happening or save someone being attacked from harm. You take out insurance on your car in case someone in another car hits you. Why not take out insurance on yourself and those you care about by getting a concealed carry permit. A concealed carry permit allows you to legally carry a firearm.