Handgun Cleaning Tips

September 22, 2015

Handgun Cleaning Tips

You’ve taken the time to purchase a handgun that works for your shooting style and taken your firearms safety course for your concealed weapons permit so that you can carry and defend yourself, your family and your property. The next step is to keep your weapon in good working order so that it will work if you should ever have to use it in self-defense.

A clean, well-maintained firearm will give you many years of reliable service. Even if you do not fire your hand gun often, dust and humidity can get in the barrel which can cause your handgun misfire. Regular cleaning is imperative to keep your handgun in reliable working order.

Cleaning a firearm is a simple and relatively quick process. To begin you will need the following supplies: oil, cloth patches, cleaning rod, cleaning brush (tooth brushes work well), and cleaning solvents. Handgun cleaning kits are also available that have all these supplies in one handy kit and they can be purchased to match the caliber of your handgun.


To begin cleaning your handgun gather all your supplies and arrange them on a clean open table with plenty of ventilation. Ventilation is important so that you do not breathe in the fumes from the cleaning solvents. Cover the table where you will have your handgun with a soft, lint-free towel that will protect your equipment while you are working. Remove your firearm from its holster or carrying case and remove the magazine, empty the chamber and ensure that the firearm is unloaded. If you can disassemble the firearm then do so at this time for easier cleaning. When you have disassembled your firearm use the brush and cleaning solvent to clean the handgun and wipe off all dirt, dust and grease with an old rag. Use a cleaning rod with the cloth patch attached in the correct size for the caliber of your handgun to clean the barrel by running the cloth patch through the barrel. Using a new clean cloth patch each time, continue to run the patches through the barrel until the patch comes out the opposite side of the barrel clean. Finally, use a small amount of oil on all moving parts of your handgun and wipe off any excess oil prior to reassembling. Return your handgun to its holster or carrying case for safe storage.

With regular cleaning and maintenance you will have many years of worry free use so get into the habit of regularly cleaning all of your firearms to protect them from damage due to dirt, dust and humidity.