Frequently Asked Questions about the National Handgun Safety Course

October 4, 2019

What is the National Handgun Safety Course?


The Basic Handgun Safety Course gives entrants of all experience levels a comprehensive handgun safety education.

Through engaging instructional content, illustrations, animations, and videos, this course teaches how to use handguns safely and legally. You will also discover key information on maintaining handguns, developing good marksmanship, and how to use equipment.

This online course provides you with a comprehensive handgun safety education tutorial.

Instructional content includes illustrations, animations, and videos. The course teaches you how to use handguns safely and legally. You will also learn vital information about how to maintain your handgun, how to practice good marksmanship, and how to use concealed carry equipment.

The course videos combine presentations by professional educators who share entertaining stories, and current scenarios regarding safe handgun practices.


The course is completed in three steps: 

  • reading and watching course materials; 
  • taking topic quizzes; 
  • passing the final exam.


Will I get a Concealed Carry permit after completing the course?


The course and optional certificate will qualify you in some states to apply for a CCW permit. You must still apply and be approved for your CCW permit. So they are two separate entities.


If you purchase the certificate from your handgun safety course, you’ll receive a coupon for half the cost of the CCW guide.


What if I Live in a State that isn’t Included?

You can get this National Handgun Safety certification, no matter which state you live in.


Will this Certification be Recognized in My State?

Most states require you to have a resident Concealed Carry permit in your home state. But, this certification is recognized all over USA.


How much does the Training Course Cost?

The course costs $19.50 US. And is open to anyone over twenty-one—whether or not you have a CCW or even own a handgun. 


What if I don’t Have a Computer?

You can learn from a smartphone, a tablet, laptop, or a desktop computer.

Who Should Take the Course?

If you are a new or experienced handgun owner or you are considering owning a concealed carry weapon this is a good course for you. You will learn or brush up on the basics of the safe use of a handgun. 

The handgun safety course teaches fundamentals of handgun safety. It puts you in good shape for going to the shooting range with confidence and safety. You will learn the safe handling, transport, and storage of your handgun, how to keep handguns away from children.

Even if you are not buying a handgun, taking this course will give you the knowledge of how to act safely around handguns. 


What if I already have a CCW? 

Even if you have a CCW permit, The National Handgun Safety course and its resource materials is good information. It includes information that may not be covered in a state’s concealed carry weapon permit test.


Can I earn Money with Referrals?

When you have taken the National Handgun Safety course and have bought the certificate, you can sign up for our referral program. When a referee pays for certificate, you will earn half.


How Long does it Take to Complete the Course?


You can complete the National Handgun Safety course online. Completing the test takes about 20 minutes.

Where Can I Sign up?

Click on