4 Dry Fire Practice Drills

November 7, 2016

A very important facet of firearm training is the dry fire practice. It works as a panacea for a novice shooter as well as a trained weapon expert. As the old adage goes – practice makes perfect. The same is true for any gun shooter. The dry fire practice helps in familiarizing a shooter with various motions involved while firing a gun and also helps boost his muscle memory which is a must if you want to become proficient in this task. So before you start investing heavily in ammunitions you can practice dry firing to excel in the art of firearm shooting. Here we shall try to delve deeper into 4 dry fire practice drills which will enable you to become a better shooter without investing a lot of money.


The first and most important dry fire drill is to practice the draw. This applies to both kinds of draw i.e. static as well as dynamic (moving to a different position). Try this drill at least 10 times whenever you want to flex your muscles with some dry firing skills. As draw is the most important component in a firearm fighting this drill will enable you to perfect your draw so that you can use it as an expert in a real world scenario.

Practice transition while dry firing

One of the most important facets in a firearm shooting encounter is to learn to deal with transition. In a real encounter you need to be very swift and move as if you are an expert. To practice this skill you must place multiple targets placed at a distance from each other and try dry shooting at all of them one by one. This practice will allow you to move your hands swiftly through each target and also help build your sight acquisition. You will be able to master two techniques while working through this drill viz. target first and stay on sight.


Reloads is another critical part of an ongoing encounter. There could be a multiple threat and your gun loaded with one round might not suffice. In such a case you need to be an expert in doing reloads. Expertise in this particular step will come only with practice and so this drill assumes a greater significance. Again practice it for both kinds of reloads i.e. static and dynamic (moving to a different shooting position).

Strong hand draw

Try drawing with your strong hand and then transfer to your support hand. Carry out this drill as many times as you possibly can as it will help you to come to grip with your weapon and target it properly at a given target. Also include multiple target transition drills to give this drill a versatile appeal so that you can use it in a variety of real world situations.

All these 4 dry fire drills will provide you with a broad framework to practice your shots but practice and practice alone will make you an expert in the arena of gun shooting.