March 28, 2017

Colion Noir is a popular spokesman for the NRA and a YouTube regular feature for over 300,000 subscribers. Known affectionately as “the Urban Gun Enthusiast”.  He hosts the millennial-oriented series Noir. He is a lawyer, an eloquent speaker and is well informed about the issues of gun ownership, gun rights and the issues of gun control. He has a sizeable following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and is often quoted in the news. One of his favorite topics to comment on is our right to defend ourselves.

In Colion’s Season 5 YouTube video “The Truth About Carrying a Gun”, he talks about how he first got into concealed carry and what it feels like to carry a gun.

“I applied for my concealed handgun license because I wanted the power of leverage. Now I had it. Now if something happened, I would no longer be just a victim. If someone threatened my life, they would no longer have a monopoly on power, free to choose whether to spare me or not. Now they would have to deal with my power. ……I embrace the feeling of empowerment by carrying.”……

Colion ends the video with what carrying a gun means to him.  “Human life is more precious to me now. Everyday that gun reminds me about my life and the people I love and that I have the power to defend everything I care about should the need arise.”

Colion believes everyone has the right to defend themselves. In his NRA News Commentators Episode 59, Colion says, ”Humans, like all animals, have a natural right and instinct for self-preservation. We have a right to defend ourselves when others try to take that right away from us. Somehow when the media and politics show gets done with it, this right to defend ourselves gets mixed up into a “no one should have guns” policy.” ………   “ What kind of a backwards society do we live in where we glorify the sociopath and then demonize the good people who want adequate means of protecting themselves from said sociopaths?”

His September 2016 Twitter post sums it up  “ Guns are a very effective, easy to use tool for self defense. Everyone can’t be a ninja. Let # The PPL protect themselves.