Burglars Spotted By A Family And Shoot Them While Trying To Escape

May 31, 2016

Two burglars were spotted by a family in Richland County, South Carolina on January 6, Wednesday, at 10 p.m. It was reported that the family noticed that a strange vehicle was parked in front of their house. The next events were unexpected, and put the lives of the husband, wife and two children in danger.


WLTX.com reported:


“According to deputies, the suspects came out and demanded that the wife move her car. Officers say the two got in the burgundy car, and backed into her car three times. The men then fired shots at the family, hitting the front of their car, according to officers.”


The burglars then drive through the yard and across the fence to escape from the scene. The report did not mention any member of the family injured, so we can assume that they were all safe after the incident.


In this situation, even though one of the family members was armed, it would still not make any difference, but let us discuss about how the family members should have responded for this encounter.


We were not there to see what really happened, but let us talk about what we can do if such situation happens to us.


If no one among my family members was left at home, I will not attempt to park the car near the house. I will stop just down the street and will call the police for help. In this scenario, an unknown car was parked in front the house, and thinking that I have my kids with me in the car, I will not dare to get near and stay away from the imminent danger. I will bring them to a safe distance instead until I find out whose car it was and where the owner was.


So, the main question here is, “What would you do if they destroy your home?” The answer for this question is very simple. Would you rather choose to be shot and killed by two armed intruders? All the material things inside your house can be replaced. You cannot replace your life and the lives of your family.