Armed Citizen Opens Fire On Fleeing Shoplifter

May 5, 2016

Auburn Hills, Michigan – A woman with a concealed pistol license (CPL) was not being threatened by a fleeing shoplifter when she decided to fire multiple shots at him in a Home Depot parking lot.


The shooting happened in the store’s parking lot at around 2 p.m. Tuesday, when Home Depot’s store security was chasing a shoplifter who jumped into a waiting dark SUV driven by another suspect, said Lt. Jill McDonnell, an Auburn Hills police spokeswoman.

But when the SUV began to pull away, the CPL holder, a 48-year-old woman from Clarkston, suddenly began firing shots at the fleeing vehicle. The vehicle escaped, though one of the bullets may have flattened a back tire, McDonnell said.

Based on the information provided, this is an irresponsible gun owner. She didn’t act on self defense or come to anyone’s defense. The thief no longer poses a threat to the shooter. Her life is in no danger so it is hard to prove  self-defense when you shoot a fleeing target in the back. It endangers other’s life and property. It makes one seriously doubt the shooter’s decision-making process.

What would the armed citizen have done? She could have let the thief take off while making a mental note on pertinent details about the suspect and his getaway car that could very well help the police.