May 30, 2018

A concealed carry class is one of the first steps you can take towards expanding your gun knowledge, improving your self-defense plan, and preparing for future threats. Any proficient concealed carrier hones their skills at the range, but a Concealed Carry Weapons class taught by a certified handgun instructor can boost your firearms skills up to the next level.

A person who opens fire with a gun they don’t know how to shoot is a danger to all. At the very least you should know how to safely load, fire and unload a revolver and a pistol. Additionally, most carry classes worth their salt will teach the basic principles of marksmanship such as Aiming, Alignment, Breathing Control, Trigger Control and Follow Through.

A good CCW class should cover firearm and ammunition mechanics, loading, storage, concealed carry holsters, carrying methods, loading and reloading, malfunctions, negligent discharges, gun safety, and firearms laws.

Additionally, Most concealed carry classes should include basic principles of safely caring for, cleaning and storage of your firearm. Additionally, the instructor will likely provide you tips and techniques on how to carry your gun safely in a holster or pocket, how to protect your gun for unauthorized access and ways to protect your body when shooting.

Just because you’ve taken a Concealed Carry Weapons class once doesn’t mean you’re skills will stick with you forever. Methods of carrying, protection techniques, and gun laws change frequently so staying up to date is critical. Updated classroom training combined with Consistent training outside the classroom to practice what you’ve learned is key to becoming a proficient concealed carrier. Practicing situational awareness is key to skill at arms. Running through exercises to observe your surroundings and work through theoretical situations will bolster your training immensely.

National Carry Academy was founded upon the principle that every law-abiding citizen should have the ability to exercise their right to bear arms and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become a responsible armed citizen. We strive to provide individuals with the most up to date information and necessary training possible.

National Carry Academy is the nation’s premier training resource for those that decide to carry a gun as a part of their lifestyle.

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