Are You Prepared To Use Your Gun?

March 14, 2018

Some people want to obtain a concealed carry permit for their self-defense or for emergency purposes, but before you are able to get your concealed carry permit, your state might require that you complete the forms, pay the fees and undergo some training. Yes, it takes a lot of process, and it will need a lot of patience, too. But once it arrives, you will realize you can now protect yourself by having a concealed carry permit. You may find yourself posting on your social media account and firearms forum that it had already arrived!

Just like what you feel when you got your driver’s license and you could drive the car for the first time, you may also feel awkward and you will need to get used to your new habit first. But just like everyone else’s experience, it takes time to walk around carrying a gun with you.

But before deciding to get your concealed carry permit, there are some things you have to consider. You should first ask yourself if you are really prepared to use a weapon in case of an emergency. You also have to make sure that you have had the required training to use your gun for self-defense.

Carrying a gun can be unsafe for you. It may be taken and used against you if you do not know how to handle different emergency situations.

Massad Ayoob’s 2nd Commandment from his 10 Commandments of Concealed Carry states: “Don’t carry a gun if you aren’t prepared to use it.”

A firearm is not a special thing that can drive away evil. Instead, it is just a rescue tool for emergency situations, that’s all. Some may think that, like the police and other armed officers, a gun is the only way to make the criminals surrender or run away. For them, it is a tool to end criminal threats. But you should remember that the criminals themselves have their own weapons. They are often stolen and illegal, so they hide those. They are not afraid of guns, but they are afraid of the person who may point the gun at them. And because of this, they know enough to determine whether a person is a threat to them or not. Therefore, if you are ready to carry it, you must also be ready to use it.

Among the top things you should consider when deciding to get a carry concealed permit are your training and practice. Practice will help your body develop the “muscle memory”, which can be very useful should the criminals strike you. If you are consistently training and practicing, you will find that you have already memorized what you have to do. This is exactly what the students from the military training are experiencing. The muscle memory will help a person think and remember how he should respond to the situation.

Some may argue about how this “muscle memory” can help the victim deal with a self-defense situation, but it would not hurt to try and practice. In the end, you will be the one to benefit from all the training you have to undergo. You will be the one to decide whether you will enroll yourself in training classes or just practice at home. Both can be very useful.

The bottom line here is that, you body and mind must be both prepared to carry and use a gun in an emergency situation.