An Additional $50 Each Month To Encourage Concealed Carrying Among Employees

May 24, 2016

A lawyer from Iowa, Eric Puryear, is supporting the 2nd Amendment and wants to encourage his employees to carry concealed firearms. He came up with the idea of offering them an additional $50 each month if they carry firearms at work.

“It’s every person’s choice. If someone doesn’t want to own a gun, I’m not going to try to make them. If someone does want to own a gun, I think that’s their constitutional right as well and I encourage that,” Puryear said.

“I think that responsible and safe gun ownership is just a good thing for each individual. It’s a good thing for society and if I can encourage it, I think it’s kind of my duty to do that,” he added.

Because of what he had done, no robber would probably have the courage to attack this law firm. It’s a good thing to know that he was able to find a creative idea to encourage his employees to bring their firearms and defend themselves.

Aside from being a lawyear, Puryear is a firearm instructor certified by the NRA. He teaches safe handling of firearms on training courses for people who would like to obtain a carry permit.