8 Great Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

September 11, 2017

If you’re looking for a gift for the gun enthusiast in your life, it’s time to think outside the shooting range. Sure, a gun makes a great gift if you know exactly what the person wants, but how often does that happen? (And how often do you want to drop $500+ on a gift?) So why not give your friend or family member a gift certificate to their favorite firearms retailer and choose something else gun-related to brighten their day. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or anotherholiday, these make great gifts for yourself or the gun enthusiast in your life.


  1.  Pistol Grip Shift Knob

Designed to fit most vehicles, this pistol shift knob looks and feels like a real revolver grip! It’s made with a simulated woodgrain finish and a tarnish-resistant metal body, which gives the knob a very realistic look and feel, and it even includes a working trigger! (No guarantees to whether it’s as smooth as your favorite Smith & Wesson.) While the trigger moves, unfortunately it does not act as a button to release the shifter an automatic car. Available on Amazon.com and other retailers.Pistol Grip Shift Knob

  1. Chocolate and Soap Gun Gift Set


The perfect birthday or Valentine’s Day gift! This chocolate and soap gift pack includes a full-size classic Colt 1911 replica, as well as a Glock replica – one made from solid milk chocolate and the other a “bar” of red and black beachy scented soap. This gift pack includes a real, full-size gun case. Available from ChocolateWeapons.com.

  1. Chocolate Ammo


Don’t forget about the chocolate ammo to go with your chocolate gun! Get 20 rounds of delicious .50 caliber milk chocolate bullets, packaged in a reusable mini ammo can. Once you’ve eaten all of the chocolate, the lockable, stackable tin is great for storing your real ammunition, holding up to 1,000 rounds of .22LR. Available from ChocolateAmmo.com, which also offers chocolate hand grenades, chocolate ammo candy molds and kits, and empty collectable ammo tins.

  1. Colt 45 Bullet Jewelry


Made from solid brass and copper, this Colt 45 bullet jewelry is designed to open so that a small token can be placed inside. It’s perfect to hold a pinch of soil from a favorite target area or as a memorial for a loved one who has passed away. For just a little extra,you can even have up to 4 short lines of text engraved on the bullet, including a name, a date, and/or a brief message. Available from PerfectMemorials.com.


  1. Anti-Zombie Ammunition


Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? Thanks to The Walking Dead, it seemed like everyone got on the neon green bandwagon with zombie themed grips, knives, etc. So why not do it with ammo? Zombie MaxTM ammunition from Hornady is “specifically made only to be used on zombies!” Both handgun and rifle cartridges are listed on the Hornady website, although none of the cartridge options appear to be available for sale at the time this article was written. At least since it’s Hornady, we’re pretty confident it would work.



  1. Bullet Cufflinks


Dress up your outfit with these beautiful, unique cufflinks from Bullet Designs. All of their cufflinks are made from real fired and recycled bullet casings, carefully mounted on an attractive base. For an extra touch of class, consider brass and crystal bullet cufflinks, available in a range of bullet calibers and Swarovski crystal colors. Winchester AK-47 cufflinks are shown above.


  1. Real Bullet Shot Glass


A great conversation starter, these shot glasses are individually crafted with a real .308 bullet embedded in the side. These glasses are completely clean and safe to use and do not include live ammunition. They are not dishwasher safe, however, and you should use caution when bringing them anywhere that live ammunition might not be allowed, such as airports or schools. Available from Lucky Shot USA in singles or sets of 2 or 6.



  1. The Redneck Plunger



Tired of clogged toilets? Blow away your bathroom disasters with the comically named Redneck Plunger. Shaped like a pump shotgun, this toilet plunger makes a realistic shotgun noise when you pull the trigger. It works like a plunger anytime but requires 2 AA batteries to make the blasting noise. Available from Cabelas and other retailers.


Do you have any other great gift ideas for the firearms lover in your life? Link to them in the comments or email us with your ideas!