June 19, 2018

You know the Farmer’s Insurance commercial tagline that says “ We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two”?. These 5 YouTuber channels are ones that you can learn a thing or two about firearms from. Unlike many of the more popular channels, they don’t do a lot of hype, politically charged commentary or flashy, gimmiky cinema. They do provide viewers with honest, serious information about firearms both historic and modern, dispel gun myths, field test firearms and ammo and make some recommendations on equipment and ammo you can actually use.

Ian/Forgotten weapons (431,188 subscribers)
Ian MCollum at Forgotten Weapons has taught me more about weapons that I’ve never heard of than I thought imaginable. Ian often works with auction houses and covers the history of antique, rare and historically important firearmss. Some are not even produced past the prototype stage. Are you fascinated by the Pancor Jackhammer, but can’t find anything about it? Ian has a video on that. Japan made a rare Arisaka Type 99 rifle with a folding stock attached to a cabinet hinge during WWII , and Ian has a video on it. Ian covers every weapon from the most popular to the odd prototypes and forgotten weapons. He disassembles the firearms, shows how they operate and demonstrates firing.

Iraqveteran8888 (1,360,251 Youtube subscribers)
This is a veteran Youtube channel mostly known for their small town southern charm the guys from Moss Pawn and Gun got their start with their popular Gun Gripes series. As their channel gained popularity it evolved into more. Eric Blandford and his crew conduct gun test, gun experiments and other interesting hijinks with guns like firing chocolate shotgun slugs to demonstrated the capabilities of lots of different types of firearms. While the 5 guns and Gun Gripes series remain popular, the other series are gaining steam. The meltdown series specifically answer questions about just how many rounds does it take to destroy a Hi Point? A Glock? or maybe an AK 47?

Mrgunsngear (164,255 subscribers)
Mike is a graduate of the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Center and has served in the USAF as well as the US Army. He has hands on experience with a pretty wide variety of small arms. He does excellent reviews of firearms and related gear and throws in the occasional how-to video here and there as well.

ShootingtheBull410 (35,408 subscribers)
ShootingtheBull410 is the channel you go to if you have any questions about defensive pistol ammo. His main focus is actually the science behind ballistics, and he is honest to a fault. He’ll explain his experiments, and why some rounds fail and some don’t. Shooting the Bull allows users to see what their ammo can do in real life, instead of simply taking the word of magazines and ammo companies. His main focus is one handgun defensive ammunition. Shooting the Bull doesn’t just test the more popular defensive ammunition types, but will get into 22 LR, 10mm, and the 5.7 x 28mm.

TFB TV (280,418 subscribers)
TFB TV started in 2015 and is an extension of the firearm blog and is dedicated to making videos about both vintage and the latest firearms. One of their more popular videos are their 5 guns series. Field Strip Fridays actually shows the crew loading and firing so serious weapons. Here you can see rare WW2 machines like the STG 44 fieldstripped, with a commentary of the weapon itself. The less popular and even less produced myth series has gone on to explore some interesting firearms myths. Run and Gun allows you to see the classic weapons like the Thompson SMG, and the Remington Rolling Block in action, in a more modern shooting environment.