January 31, 2018

Getting solid hands on firearms training is important. It is not enough to visit the firing range and do some target shooting or watch a video on how to shoot your pistol. Having the best pistol or ammunition or equipment will not guarantee that you are able to protect yourself and your family. Here are 5 reasons you should consider firearms training.

1. In order to defend you and your family.
Many states require some form of mandatory training prior to issuing a concealed carry permit. However, there are some states that do not require training in order to get a concealed carry permit. Just because you have a permit does not mean you are prepared for self-defense. Firearms Training will cover self-defense strategies and tactics to prepare you to defend yourself and your family.

2. In order to operate your firearm safely.
Understanding how firearms work and their safe operation is the very first priority you should have before using one. Everyone thinks that they will just know how to operate a firearm, but there is actually more to It than just pulling the trigger.

3. In order to know how to shoot under less than ideal conditions.Would you be prepared to shoot under any circumstances? You never know when you will have to defend yourself or a loved one. It could be outdoors on a muddy trail or in the pouring rain when you are soggy wet. Firearms training would teach you how to respond in inclement weather or less than ideal conditions.

4. In order to be able to shoot under stress.
If you or your family is under attack, you will likely be nervous and under a high amount of stress. Are you confident that you will be able to operate your pistol and shoot your attacker? Shooting at the shooting range is very different than a real word situation. Firearms training prepares you to be a more confident shooter-even under stress.

5. In order to shoot a moving target.
Without much training and a little bit of practice, I can probably hit a stationary tin can. But, If I am on the run trying to draw my gun from my concealed holster and there is noise all around me, I probably would not be able to shoot my attacker. Few attackers are going to stand still while you draw and aim at them. Firearms training would help prepare you for a real life encounter where you may have to draw and shoot on the run.

A good firearms training class will give you a newfound respect for your gun and help you understand that you want to everything you can to avoid ever having to use that gun. if you do, though, you’ll be prepared.