January 24, 2018

It always amazes me how many people do not take training seriously. Just about every profession or serious hobby requires some initial training and periodic refresher training to hone your skills.

Would you get in a car with a person behind the wheel that never took a driver’s training course? How about a person who learned how to drive by watching people drive on TV?

Just like Spiderman’s uncle told him in the movie “with great power comes great responsibility.” A lethal weapon gives a person great power over life and death. That power needs to be used responsibly and competently.

Taking a concealed carry training course will provide you with the following benefits:

Most states require that you take a concealed carry training course in order to receive a concealed carry permit or license.Completing an approved concealed carry training classes will enable you to become CCW certified.

Learning Proper Shooting fundamentals will ensure you hit your target.
A person who opens fire with a gun they don’t know how to shoot is a danger to all. At the very least you should know how to safely load, fire and unload a revolver and a pistol. Additionally, most carry classes worth their salt will teach the basic principles of marksmanship such as Aiming, Alignment, Breathing Control, Trigger Control and Follow Through.

Learning the Basic safety principles involved with firearms will prevent unnecessary accidents and ensure your firearm is ready for use.
Most concealed carry classes should include basic principles of safely caring for, cleaning and storage of your firearm. Additionally, the instructor will likely provide you tips and techniques on how to carry your gun safely in a holster or pocket, how to protect your gun for unauthorized access and ways to protect your body when shooting.

Every Concealed carrier must adhere to Concealed carry laws.
Every state has different laws insofar as where you can and can’t carry a gun. It’s your responsibility to know all the details. In one state, it may be against the law to carry a weapon in a posted “no-gun zone.” In another, that sign may have no weight of law at all behind it. In a third, you may be asked to leave if your gun is spotted, and if you do not depart, you will be subject to arrest for Trespass After Warning.

You will be trained to defend your self and your loved ones.
A basic defensive handgun class affords you the opportunity to actually test your gear and gun as well. You can see how your weapon runs, and how your holster works, and it can give you a new look at what equipment you use, and if it is the right for you.

You Need to Know How to Deal with Law Enforcement While Carrying.
It’s just a fact that guns make people nervous. A trained law enforcement officer that sees a citizen in possession of a gun becomes extremely nervous. Many good concealed carry instructors can provide instruction on how to handle a traffic stop, dealing with law enforcement in the event you have had to discharge your weapon.

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