October 21, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

Many concealed carriers choose a .38 special revolver for their first self-defense gun because they are simple to use, easy to maintain, can carry large calibers in small or medium frames and are reliable and fairly easy to conceal. Most .38’s are fairly trim, not being much heavier than they need to be.    While […]

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Should Introverts Own Handguns?

October 17, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

Most of us associate owning a concealed carry weapon with aggressive types who are always on the lookout for an adventure. I am not one of those people. Frankly, I never considered carrying a gun. Brave and macho were not words any of my friends would ever have used to describe me. Honestly, in the […]

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Why Worry about Situational Awareness?

October 14, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

What is Situational Awareness?  Situational awareness is the act of being perceptive of the environment around you. This includes people, things, buildings, and actions. Time and space come into consideration. What actions and events mean are also part of the whole picture.  Some jobs depend on the skills of its workers in situation awareness. Examples include […]

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Why Lawmakers Want Concealed Carry Weapons on the Hill

October 10, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

Republican congressman Ted Yoho argued that carrying a concealed gun everywhere is just like carrying your cell phone. You’d feel unprepared for work without either of them. He contends that lawmakers—and everyone else—should be carrying a weapon to work.   Presently his opinion is moot. Congressional lawmakers have to apply for a D.C.-specific concealed carry permit […]

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Which Retention Holster is Best for You?

October 7, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

There are all sorts of choices of holsters for your concealed carry pistol. Knowing which is best is often confusing. It is vital to have a holster that offers the best amount of retention of  your pistol. You need it to be snugly enveloped and also you must be able to draw quickly. There are […]

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Frequently Asked Questions about the National Handgun Safety Course

October 4, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

What is the National Handgun Safety Course?   The Basic Handgun Safety Course gives entrants of all experience levels a comprehensive handgun safety education. Through engaging instructional content, illustrations, animations, and videos, this course teaches how to use handguns safely and legally. You will also discover key information on maintaining handguns, developing good marksmanship, and […]

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