Top Reasons to Get Your Concealed Carry Permit Now

May 31, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

Photo courtesy of     It’s Your 2nd Amendment Right.     Our constitution grants us the right to bear arms. This is both a privilege and a responsibility. As an American citizen I feel that I should exercise the right to carry concealed. If we choose not to exercise this right, we may […]

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Competitive Shooting

May 27, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

In trap shooting, a machine called a trap launches a clay target, or “pigeon,” into the air. Each shooting competitor takes a hundred shots at these pigeons.  At a Minnesota high school, trap-shooting has become a competitive championship sport.  In fact, this school is not an exception. Over 8,000 students at 300 schools entered the […]

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Sig Sauer Concealed Carry Course for Women

May 24, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

In the past, Sig Sauer has sponsored a number of courses.   The latest course is directed at young women who have recently purchased a handgun or are thinking of doing so. The course, released in April of 2019 is called “Women’s Concealed Carry”. Yes, the popular handgun manufacturer makes no apologies. The course whose […]

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National Mentoring Month

May 20, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

Mentoring can have a positive effect on many activities. On the job, it can build team spirit, hone skills, orient a new employee to the company’s culture, and help both employer and struggling employee face hurdles of the business world. Organizations like Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Foster Parents, and Institute for the Blind depend on […]

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Lessons Learned from Concealed Carry

May 17, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

  During the course of my first year of concealed carry I learned some valuable lessons that changed my life and the way I see the world. Responsibility The first of these is responsibility. Many people now making the decision to conceal carry are young women between eighteen and twenty-nine. This is a time when […]

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DIY Gunsmithing

May 13, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

  When it comes to general maintenance and light repair, you don’t have to take your gun to a licensed repairman for every job. There are a lot of things you can do safely at home. Thorough inspection and cleaning of your weapon will bring its own rewards. Field Stripping You can learn how to field […]

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Lasers for Concealed Carry Weapons

May 10, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

Some people who concealed carry have added a light and/or laser to their handgun. There are decided advantages: Advantages of Light and/or Laser There are five major benefits of having a laser on a handgun. These include: Training Shooting in low light Focus on the threat Ability to shoot from unconventional positions Increased likelihood of […]

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May 6, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog, State Laws

CCW reciprocity is an interstate agreement between permit-issuing authorities allowing gun permit holders from one state to travel to another state with comparable gun laws. Currently, there is no National policy of Reciprocity in place; it’s purely on a state-by-state basis. As such, reciprocity agreements can vary from one state to another.   33 states […]

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May 3, 2019 // Blog, General, NCA, Our Blog

Carrying a full-sized concealed carry firearm can be a real pain in the butt. Think about it. In order to carry a full-sized CCW you need to buy pants a size larger than normal, get a gun and a holster that does not chafe or poke you in the gut or some other body part, […]

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