September 28, 2018 // Our Blog

Several states require concealed carry permit applicants to demonstrate handgun proficiency with a course certificate from a recognized concealed carry training program — in some states, this requirement can even be fulfilled by an online CCW course. For those who already possess a concealed carry license or permit, some states require a renewal CCW class […]

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September 26, 2018 // Our Blog

Most seasoned shooters will tell you that it takes continuous practice to be able to shoot accurately. One of the best methods of practice is dry-fire practice. It is effective, inexpensive and convenient as it can be done anywhere.   Benefits of Dry-Fire Practice Dry-Fire practice helps you to develop proficient motor shooting skills because […]

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September 25, 2018 // Our Blog

  With football season started, every game opening starts off with everyone standing to sing our great national anthem. I’ve been thinking about what the founding fathers intention was when they wrote the Bill of Rights which protects our basic and inherit rights to speech religion, and the right to bear arms. This has become […]

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Training vs Practice

September 21, 2018 // Our Blog

What is the difference between training and practice? While the two sound very much alike, training is instruction you receive from another person showing you how to do something. However, practice taking the training you received and doing it yourself until you have mastered the concepts. Going to a shooting range and firing the gun […]

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How Can We Curb Gun Violence?

September 19, 2018 // Our Blog

  Pro-gun groups like The National Rifle Association are often seen as proponents of arming every citizen and allowing those with concealed carry permits to be armed everywhere they go. They are also linked, unfairly, to escalation in gun violence. However, what most of the general public does not know is that most pro-gun activists […]

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How to Avoid Concealed Carry Mistakes

September 15, 2018 // Blog

Leaving Your Concealed Carry Permit at Home Never leave this at home if you’re carrying a concealed weapon. State law enforcement officers have every right to ask you to produce this. You could be charged if you are concealed carrying and don’t have it. Get into the habit of carrying your CC permit the same […]

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Do Ballistics Matter?

September 11, 2018 // General, Our Blog

Photo courtesy of In crime shows, much is made of calibers and ballistics. One could argue the relative merits one gun over another and one type of ammunition compared to another. But really ballistics is of little concern when it comes to conceal carry weapons. What really matters is where the shot ends up […]

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Choosing the Right Holster for Concealed Carry

September 6, 2018 // Uncategorized

  When you are selecting a holster, just like with your weapon choice, it becomes a balance between what you’d like and what will best conceal your weapon. The holster needs to encase your weapon so it won’t slide out or drop out. It also has to ensure that you have easy and quick access […]

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