Handgun Tips

June 30, 2016 // Uncategorised

Handgun Tips

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Breath Right Before Shooting

June 30, 2016 // NCA

Every day, people experience stressful and challenging activities. Wanting to shoot your gun accurately is one of those activities as it is very difficult: trying to relax, having focus, calming yourself, reducing body movement and not jerk when you are aligning your sight, especially in the “heat of the battle.” Anxiety and excitement is at […]

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Basic Shooting Drills and Self-Defense

June 28, 2016 // NCA

To know and apply handgun shooting essentials and to utilize a handgun viably in a protective circumstance, you should have the capacity to get to your handgun legitimately and make precise hits before the assailant harms or murders you. So you should hone the aptitudes you likely would use in a critical circumstance before it […]

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Beyond Basic Handgun Skills, There’s More…

June 27, 2016 // NCA

When you have finished your essential handgun aptitudes and safety classes, taken in the basics and lawful prerequisites and parameters for concealed carry (CC), and earned your state’s CC permit, it is vital to make that basic next stride. That stride is getting legitimately proficient at moving past the nuts and bolts to offer yourself […]

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Basic Guide to Firearm Safety

June 23, 2016 // NCA

These are the basic rules arranged by Jeff Cooper for firearms safety. This applies to all shooters; including the newbies and the experienced ones. This should be remembered and done at all times and situations. THEY MUST ALL BE LEARNED AND UNDERSTOOD BY HEART BY EVERY SHOOTER. These are the rules for firearms safety: Always […]

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Defensive Sighting Methods

June 20, 2016 // NCA

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” — Wyatt Earp In real life situation, sometimes being fast is all that matters. Violent altercation can be anything. You might only have the time to fire fast and close or it’s necessary for you to align your shot in a narrow sight. Here are ways to improve […]

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Gun-Free Zones and the Orlando Shooting

June 17, 2016 // NCA

A few days ago, the largest mass shooting in the U.S. occurred in a “gun-free” club in Orlando, FL. Before we even knew the total number of victims or what had happened, media outlets were shamelessly using this as an opportunity to promote their political ideology of gun control. Gun control is a complicated issue. […]

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Concealed Carrier Shot The Robber

June 16, 2016 // NCA

In Chicago, Illinois, on the famous South State Street, a 57 year old man had a firearm held on him by a robber who was 20 years of age. The elder man managed to pull his concealed carry pistol, he shot the elbow of the robber. In retaliation, the robber got into his car, ran […]

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Concealed Carrier Vietnam Vet Versus Armed Robber

June 15, 2016 // General

Recently in Corpus Christi, Texas, An elderly Vietnam veteran became a victim of an attempted robbery in his own driveway. KRISTV 6 stated that the 69 year old arrived home together with his wife and pulled into the driveway. The wife of the elderly Vietnam veteran got out, headed indoors and he was sure to […]

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Carrying A Gun Is Dangerous

June 13, 2016 // NCA

  Lisa Moore, and an English professor at the University of Texas founded the group Gun Free UT recently when the campus carry bill was signed into law in Texas. Lisa seems to be under a grave misinterpretation that anyone who carries a weapon will snap at any time, whatever the cause of action. From […]

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